Stanley Quality Systems offers a wide range of service to our residential customers. In New Home Construction Projects, we specialize in custom homes. We are often sought out by building contractors and brought into meetings with homeowners so that the builder and home owner get the system they need. We can design the system to a homeowner's specification and for larger homes the heating and cooling systems can be complex. Our residential Comfort Specialists can assist your builder and we encourage you to get us involved in design decisions at the start of the project. For remodeling projects, there are few other companies that can match our creativity and expertise. Our knowledge of new products and design techniques mean that we can generally solve most remodeling challenges with a little creativity. When you contract your project with Stanley Quality Systems, you will find that the stress level drops since we will handle the project in a professional manner and since the sales-engineer who designed and priced the project will manage the installation as well.

We also have a team of Replacement Specialists that can provide fast response for replacing a worn out heating or cooling unit. This is a ideal time to assess the systems in your home and our Comfort Specialists can provide you with a review of the systems in your home. The review is a whole-house approach and is designed to give you an assessment of your home's comfort system and suggestions for improvements. BEST OF ALL, your initial consultation with the Comfort Specialist is FREE!